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Log Home Services

Log Repair, Chinking & Caulking

Wall Log Replacement 
Log homes require routine maintenance of the exterior logs, stain/finish, and attention to the integrity of it's structure. 
Replacing damaged, rotting, or deteriorating logs as well as identifying/correcting any underlying structural issues or damage is critical to preserving your home's health and longevity, as well as saving you money long term.

Once the stain starts to deteriorate, it’s vital to take action so that your home is protected from the elements. Staining your log home on a regular basis is important for two main reasons other than maintaining your homes aesthetic appearance:
1) It keeps water from deteriorating your logs
2) It pulls moisture out of the wood

Wood Deck and Railings

New Deck & Deck Repair
Deck maintenance is important to maintaining the value of your home and keeping it looking young and vibrant. Year-round exposure to sun, rain, and snow imparts ware and damage on any kind of decking material, so it’s vital to address structural/integrity issues and to replace failing decking and railings as well as upkeep with staining for protection as well as beauty and functionality. 

Additions & Remodels

Interior log refinishing and repair
Having built custom log homes for over 25 years, Cory's passion in life has been working with home owners to create unique and beautiful log homes from the ground up. Outside of being your personal repair, maintenance, and longevity team, we also want to be your personal creative design and building team to help you make your home truly unique, awe inspiring, and unlike any other log home. 

Cory has been featured in multiple magazines including "Log Home Living," Country Living," and "Log Home Magazine," and he wants to work with you personally to make your vision a reality. 

Our work is quality, cost effective, and efficient.
Reapirs are made to last.

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