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Log Home Deck & Railing Services

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with Northern Log Care's Deck and Railing Services

Elevate your outdoor living experience with our comprehensive range of offerings tailored to enhance the beauty, durability, and safety of your deck and railing systems. From expert deck staining to meticulous maintenance and thorough inspections, we are dedicated to providing quality solutions that ensure your outdoor space remains stunning and structurally sound for years to come. Trust Northern Log Care to transform your deck and railing into inviting retreats that you'll enjoy season after season.

Deck & Railing Services

Expert Deck Staining:

  • Shield your deck from weather damage, UV rays, and moisture.

  • Utilize high-quality stains and proven application techniques.

  • Enhance the natural grain and beauty of the wood.

Meticulous Maintenance:

  • Preserve the beauty and functionality of your deck and railing.

  • Services include cleaning, sanding, and repairing.

  • Ensure safety and stability with attention to detail.

Thorough Inspections:

  • Prioritize safety with comprehensive inspections.

  • Identify potential issues early to prevent costly repairs.

  • Ensure structural integrity and railing stability for peace of mind.

FAQs: Deck and Railing Services for Log Homes in Wisconsin

  • What type of wood is best for deck and railing construction in Wisconsin's climate?
    In Wisconsin's climate, durable and weather-resistant woods like cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine are commonly recommended for deck and railing construction due to their ability to withstand the region's harsh winters and humid summers.
  • How often should I stain or treat my deck and railing to maintain its appearance and durability?
    Generally, it's recommended to stain or treat your deck and railing every 1-3 years, depending on factors such as exposure to sunlight, moisture levels, and the type of stain or treatment used. Regular maintenance helps preserve the wood's integrity and aesthetic appeal.
  • What are the common signs of deck and railing damage, and when should I seek professional inspection or repair services?
    Signs of deck and railing damage include rotting, warping, splintering, loose or missing boards, and rust on metal components. If you notice any of these issues, it's advisable to seek professional inspection and repair services promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the safety of your outdoor space.
  • How often should I stain my log home?
    Log staining frequency depends on various factors such as the type of stain used, exposure to weather elements, and the condition of the wood. Generally, log homes should be stained every 2-5 years to maintain protection and appearance. However, it's essential to inspect the logs regularly and reapply stains as needed to ensure optimal preservation.
  • What is the difference between water-based and oil-based stains?
    Water-based stains dry faster, have lower VOC emissions, and are easier to clean up, making them more environmentally friendly. Oil-based stains penetrate deeper into the wood, offer superior protection against moisture, and provide a richer color finish. Choosing between the two depends on preferences for durability, ease of application, and environmental concerns.
  • Do I need to remove the old stain before applying a new one?
    It's crucial to properly prepare the surface before restaining a log home. If the previous stain is in good condition, you may be able to apply a new coat directly over it after cleaning and sanding. However, if the old stain is peeling, flaking, or damaged, it's best to remove it entirely through sanding, stripping, or pressure washing before applying a new stain for better adhesion and longevity.
Cedar Log Railing.png

Product Highlight from Log Care Experts

Northern White Cedar rails  

Top and bottom rail dimensions: 4" Round 

Spindle dimensions: 3" Round 

Finishing: Unfinished 

Railing texture: Hand-peeled 

Northern White Cedar Log Railing Features & Benefits: 

Precise Cuts – Our log rails can be sized within a fraction of an inch. • Durability – Northern White Cedar resists decay, pests, and warping, giving it a typical  service life of more than 2 decades. 

Design Options – We offer log rails in a beautiful hand-peeled texture that can be 

ordered in tenoned or straight-end posts and spindles. We provide both straight-run  railing, as well as stair railing. 

Versatility – Northern White Cedar can be used on the interior or exterior of your  home, giving either location an eye-catching accent that is both decorative and secure.

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